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Requirements for employment

  1. Complete the Federal application and credentialing process
  2. Complete ICS 100a, 200a, 700, and 800b
  3. Pass a Federal suitability and background check including FBI fingerprint check
  4. Comply with medical credentialing requirements (for medical staff)
  5. Maintain a current, unrestricted license, certification, or registration in the appropriate specialty you practice in, and/or position you hold on AR-1 DMAT
  6. Maintain all necessary immunizations
  7. Be able to perform duties and responsibilities of your respective position in an austere (field) environment
  8. Notify your primary employer and immediate supervisor of participation on AR-1 DMAT
  9. Conduct yourself in accordance with the ethical principals of your respective profession(s), and with courtesy and respect towards patients, colleagues, and any groups or persons who interact with the organization
  10. Maintain communication ability with the team via email or text messaging
  11. Maintain regular communication with your Command Staff

Additional requirements may be required for deployment status.To apply please download and complete the NDMS-1 Form and email to Kathie Short.

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